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1. will you delete our zeal too?
2. will you delete our faith too?

3. can you delete our knowledge of Bible?
4. can you delete our years & experiances?

5. progress is always forward... never backwards

6. THANK YOU ...

WHAT ARE YOU DOING STOP!!! (view changes)

Watchtower Publications List (deleted)

Official Report on Hurricane Sandy released from (deleted)

amlos jovenes preguntan.. ¡como conseguir amigos verdaderos DVD full (deleted)

Listen, Obey and Be Blessed - DVD (deleted)

Family Worship Ideas - Younger Children (deleted)

1958_From_Paradise_Lost-To_Paradise_Regained (WBTS).pdf (deleted)

1959 - Jehovah's Witnesses in the Divine Purpose (deleted)

1959_g-E_Awake.pdf (deleted)

Centennial of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania 1884-1984 (deleted)

Insight on the Scriptures - 1988 (deleted)

Mankind's Search For God (deleted)

2001 - Isaiah’s Prophecy - Light for All Mankind II (deleted)

The Road to Everlasting Life - Have you found it? (deleted)

God's Word for Us Through Jeremiah (deleted)

2010 Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses (deleted)

2012 Memorial Invitation (deleted)

Who Are Doing Jehovah's Will Today? - Brochure (deleted)

2012 Calendar of Jehovah's Witnesses (deleted)

Awake - December 2012 (deleted)

2013 Theocratic Ministry School Schedule (deleted)

2013 Calendar (deleted)

2013 Examining the Scriptures Daily (deleted)

Watchtower (Study) (wE PDF) » January 2013 (deleted)

Watchtower (Study) (wE PDF) » February 2013 (deleted)

Watchtower (Public) (wpE PDF) » January 2013 (deleted)

Watchtower (Public) (wpE PDF) » February 2013 (deleted)

w1943_E.PDF (deleted)

yb-E_1944.pdf (deleted)

1944_YEARBOOK.pdf (deleted)

1945_E.PDF (deleted)

1946_Let_God_Be_True (WBTS).pdf (deleted)

yb-E_1946.pdf (deleted)

1946_YEARBOOK.pdf (deleted)

1947_YEARBOOK.pdf (deleted)

1947_g-E_Awake.pdf (deleted)

yb-E_1948.pdf (deleted)

1948_Awake.pdf (deleted)

1950_YEARBOOK.pdf (deleted)

1950 - Songs to Jehovah's Praise (deleted)

1950 - 'This Means Everlasting Life' (deleted)

1951_What_Has_Religion_Done_For_Mankind (WBTS).pdf (deleted)

1951_YEARBOOK.pdf (deleted)

1954_YEARBOOK.pdf (deleted)

1955_You_May_Survive_Armageddon (WBTS).pdf (deleted)

yb-E_1955.pdf (deleted)

1958_YEARBOOK.pdf (deleted)

1966_Kingdom_Ministry.pdf (deleted)

1967_Kingdom_Ministry.pdf (deleted)

1969_Peace_on_Earth_International_Assembly_report.pdf (deleted)

1968_Kingdom_Ministry.pdf (deleted)


1977-1979-1981-Elder-Manuals. anglais.pdf (deleted)

1984 * bi12 - New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (deleted)

Reasoning From the Scriptures (deleted)

'Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock' (deleted)

Organized to Share the Good News (DVD) (deleted)

2009 * pc - Lasting Peace and Happiness - How to Find Them (deleted)

2010 km_E Our Kingdom Ministry.pdf (deleted)

Theocratic Ministry School Review Answer Sheet for weeks of Nov 5-Dec 31, 2012 (deleted)

2012 Theocratic Ministry School Schedule (deleted)

Our Kingdom Ministry - November 2012 (deleted)

Our Kingdom Ministry (US) - December 2012.pdf (deleted)

July 2012 - Our Kingdom Ministry (deleted)

2012 Examining the Scriptures Daily (Entire Book) (deleted)

2013 January - Our Kingdom Ministry (deleted)

502013237_E_cnt_1.pdf (deleted)

502013235_E_cnt_1.pdf (deleted)

502013236_E_cnt_1.pdf (deleted)

502013185_E_cnt_1.jpg (deleted)

502013185_E_cnt_1.pdf (deleted)

502013187_G_cnt_1.pdf (deleted)

502013187_X_cnt_1.pdf (deleted)

502013187_I_cnt_1.pdf (deleted)

502013187_E_cnt_1.pdf (deleted)

THANK YOU once again !!!